Ob/Gyn and Reproductive Health

The Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine focuses on the general and reproductive health status of women, the determinants of their health status, the disparities therein, the application of related gender equity frameworks, and preventive strategies and programs to address women’s life course health and that of their newborns and young children.

In all four years of the curriculum, students address challenges to improving reproductive health including the low status of women in many cultures and countries, political constraints to addressing the reproductive health needs of women and men alike, under-representation of women in research, providing the full complement of reproductive services to populations in need and the limited evidence for effective strategies to improve women’s reproductive and broader health and well-being.



 What podcasts can help me learn Obstetrics and Gynecology? 

  1. The OBG Med Student 
  2. Pimped-Ob/Gyn  
  3. CREOGS over coffee  

 What apps can be useful to have on my personal electronic device (phone/tablet)?

  1. Epocrates 
  2. UpToDate 
  3. US MEC US SPR CDC Contraception 
  4. Optional: Perfect OB Wheel ($4.99) 
  5. Optional: InfantRisk HCP ($9.99/year) 
  6. Touch Surgery (from device company Medtronic) 
  7. APGO Perinatal Depression 
  8. APGO Wellmom Induction
  9. ASCCP Risk-Based Management Consensus Guidelines
  10. CDC STI Tx

 What are some downloadable resources that I can use?

  1. Ob-Gyn Notes
    • Sample labor and delivery admit note
    • Sample vaginal delivery note
    • Sample operative note
    • Sample post-partum note: Vaginal delivery
    • Ob postpartum note: Cesarean delivery
    • Sample gynecologic history and physical
    • Sample new obstetrics presentation in the clinic/ambulatory setting
    • Sample return obstetrics presentation in the clinic/ambulatory setting
    • Sample labor and delivery triage presentation
    • Sample labor and delivery admission presentation
    • Sample inpatient postpartum patient presentation example
    • New gynecology patient/gynecology consultation presentation
    • Return gynecology patient to clinic/ambulatory setting
    • Sample presentation of gynecology post-operative patient
Headshot of Dawn Kopp, Assistant Professor, Vice-Chair—OB/GYN
Dawn Kopp
Assistant Professor, Vice-Chair—OB/GYN
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